How it works

We advertise our properties on...

plus 40 other short stay websites.

Standard Advanced
Advertising on 40+ websites
Cleaning management
Price management
Guest queries before, during and after stay
Check-in and check-out
Direct, commission-free bookings
Managing issues such as boiler breakage, minor damage repairs, etc
Insurance claims
I’m Your Host fees 12% 15%

Ready to get started?

Contact us for a chat

We like to talk to all our clients first to make sure our service is right for them so pick up your phone and call us today.

Listing the property

Once we have analysed your property and provided you with your estimate we list the property on over 40 different websites.

You are live!

We manage guest queries, check ins, problems during stays, check outs and then the turnaround. We change prices based on demand.

Pay Day

We take our commission after the turnaround cost and any travel agents commissions have been accounted.